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"there were 2 barrels, however, there were paths leading to 2 different cetaverses. The problem? Too many barrels on that path. A guy deleted the path, and the barrels floated to the cetaverses, found a box and a cloning machine, and, well…" ~ Taken from the old version of this page

The Barrelplex is not a Barrel that consists smaller Barrels. It is a really huge cluster of Barrels, consisting with Barrels. As you traverse through Barrels, you will see that there is a linear path in a Barrelplex, but entangled too much.

Initially, Barrels start with identical existence ranks when the Barrelplex was formed, and can have different supplementary ranks later on. Because of that, it is safe to make a wormhole through different Barrels.

It can be found in 2 different Cetaverses, making it a Class 2 object. It is also the largest known object that is describable by us.


"It's just a local group of Barrels and it's size is... Too large."

The size is unspecific from the story, and we don't know the exact size of the Barrelplex. Thanks to a story, the lower limit is currently estimated as x The Box.

The path of Barrels are too rough to describe, each Barrel is contained by a Box, and Broxes move freely.

The Barrelplex comes with a lot of cluster layers, each with unique structures. For example, at the smallest layer, a cluster orbits around the ring of Boxes.


All Barrels in a Barrelplex are the safe place to experiment with different existence ranks, as they contain voids of The Outside. They are also commonly used to explore the candidates of pseudo-Omniverses, as they can be found anywhere around the Cetaverse. There is a really low chance that one alien Barrel can be found by Cetaversal technologies.

To make a wormhole through parallel Barrels, one need to fully learn about hyperradioactivity and weak FES ranks. Those ranks contain Subexistions that push you, and might have properties that establish wormholes through looped dimensions. Most wormholes are made with weak ranks between negaexistence and nonexistence. Our local minimum for making a wormhole is at least early Cetaversal, when we start to see different existence ranks other than 0 and 1.

Mid Cetaversal civilizations go outside of their Barrelplex, because they have a potential power to escape Boxes.

Our Barrelplex

Our Barrelplex mostly consists Barrels that have a existence rank of 1.

There is a negaexistential habitat, which the habitat can find abstract properties in FES ranks. All species stuck in a single Uqraek fiber, but can interact others with source particles. There is also a Cetaversal civilization, which explores the unseen secrets of a Cetaverse, after their Cetaverse is fully observed by extremely alien technologies.

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