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Tublaxa is the first Turtlie-level object that can't be observed from our universe. Tublaxas come with a big range of cosmological sizes (89.4 - 972.4 billion light years) and some variations consisting with rings.


A Tublaxa comes with a cosmic web ring with supermassive black holes at the center, making some weird phenomenia. Objects would have less galaxies, as they move away from the stable layer, determined by the forces of a black hole.

Black Holes are so massive that it absorbs Dark Matter and Dark Energy, leaving the bigger universes more stable. Fragments also swirl around that black hole, although the shape of cosmic web always change due to strong gravitational forces.

Type A

A structure of Type A Tublaxa is made with a giant ring with any shape. The center black hole is actually a group of few Supermassive Black Holes.

This is the weakest type of Tublaxas, as those black holes will merge in billions of years.

Type B

A structure of Type B Tublaxa is consisted with some chained rings, although some galaxy filaments are connected with 2 of those rings. Borders between those rings have a lesser concentration of galaxies, making this type look more like a snake.

Type C

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