The -verse hierarchy is one of the most interesting things on this wiki, and so is User:Alejandro Magno's excellent extension of this down to the galaxy level.

But this got me thinking: how low can you go? I found an old hierarchy on my computer (us googolgeometrists think alike), dusted it off, polished it, and found out that the answer is this low, apparently:

I guess you could make it cyclic if you want (fermions containing multiple -verses or something), but that's not really my cup of tea. This was originally a comment on User:Alejandro Magno's blog post, but I decided that it warranted its own.

So, what do you think?

Update: The hierarchy has been revised using new information found at Wikipedia's page on biological organisation.

Update: Various touchings-up.

Update: Made the subatomic particles more generic. Nucleon → Hadron; Quark → Fermion.

Update: Made everything into links and stopped the hierarchy at fermion.

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