When looking at the 6+1 scales of science, I realised that they corresponded nicely to some group of evolutionary stages. Each one was conceptually different to the previous one, and represended a leap up in complexity.

What this means, of course, is the ultimate game: one where you start at the bottom, and, pseudopod by claw by spaceship, climb up to the top.

The game would be divided into seven stages. You can begin at any stage, though for the full experience, you would start at the first and smallest one. During each stage, you built up power by modifying your player, until you reach the top, and then carry what you've made up to the next stage to influence the world on a larger and larger scale.

These seven stages are:

  • Physical - Adjusting the preons inside a quark to adjusting the hadrons inside an atom.
  • Chemical - Adjusting the atoms inside a molecule to adjusting the biomolecular complices inside an organelle
  • Biological - Adjusting the organelles inside a cell to adjusting the organ systems inside a creature
  • Sociological - Adjusting the creatures inside a tribe to adjusting the states inside a continent
  • Astronomical - Adjusting the continents inside a planet to adjusting the belts inside a spiral arm
  • Cosmological - Adjusting the spiral arms inside a galaxy to adjusting the filaments inside a universe
  • Multiversal - Adjusting the universes inside a multiverse to adjusting the hyperverses inside an omniverse

And you know what? I don't really want to leave this as a dream. I'm totally going to start planning this properly, and possibly make it at some point. Comment if you're interested, right now I'm just going to accept anyone for the project. That includes ideas guys, if you don't have any other skills.

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