Wikipedia has a list of vital articles in four settings: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. Each level has ten times as many articles listed that the previous list. I'm going to do something like that.

Level 0 (1/1)

The most important single article that could be made, in my opinion. Without understanding dimensions, you can't understand the rest of the wiki, and it's even namedropped in the title.

Level 1 (10/10)

The next list has ten vital articles, again the most important then. The top level ones are the key concepts in the wiki - Dimensions, Polytopes, and Verses. Polychora get on this list because they are the simplest higher-dimensional shapes, and as the primate polychoron, the Tesseract gets a special place on this list.

Level 2 (65/100)

This level two list is currently incomplete, but you can see the primary outline. If you want to add to this, you can; keep in mind that each class should represent about 10% of the list

Dimensions (9)

Measures of Shapes (5)

Parts of Shapes (6)

Types of Spaces (5)

Shape Notation (3)

Shape Operations (5)

Low-Dimensional Shapes (5)

Regular Polyhedra (7)

Regular Polychora (10)

Verses (10)

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