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A Rogue Archverse is an archverse which falls under at least one of the following properties:

  1. The Archverse was recorded, in one way or another, as to have swaped containing bodies
  2. It is not an nth level Archverse located within an (n + 1)th level Archverse
  3. The laws of said Archverse are distinct from Archverses nearby on a very fundamental level

(many other local-specific properties have been left out for simplicity sake)

Property 1

This property is the most broad in this list of 4, as it includes any possible method of capturing definite data proving an Archverse went rogue.

Using our Multiverse / local Metaverse as an example, it is possible to use very sensitive gravity sensors to detect a sudden small change in directional pull of combined forces, as gravity does not affect objects from Archverse borders. This sudden change would suggest a disappearence of a large celestial object, either from destruction or departure, which can be decided by detecting chaos particles, as the annihiliation of a Universe creates massive amounts of them, effectively eliminating the first option when no change is found.

If there are observers nearby, they can pick up on the departure of the Archverse with much more certainty and ease.

If Archverses are found, or are recorded, having surface disturbances that align with the projected trajectory of the suspected rogue Archverse, it very clearly indicates that the Archverse passed through them.

Property 2

Naturally occuring Archverses are formed in the chain of Universe < Multiverse < Metaverse < Xenoverse < Hyperverse. Any change to this arrangement suggests that a change must've occured after the creation of said Archverse, causing the mismatch.

The most commonly occuring case of this property, is a lower-level Archverse than the intended level, however, it is also possible for a Multiverse to contain a Multiverse, or a Metaverse to contain a Xenoverse, or any other or level scenarios where . This case is extremely unlikely, as not only does there need to be a rogue Archverse, but it has to be a lower-end scaled entering into an upper-end scaled Archverse, and not getting destroyed somehow (or, more likely, destroying its host).

Property 3

Nearby Archverses within a host have similar properties, but it is completely possible for there to be much more major difference to occur naturally, without having to switch superior Archverses.

Upon the collision of two Universes, it is possible for a sort of "genetic mutation" to happen, whereby unusual conditions or random fluctuations cause the new emerging Universe to abide by totally different laws. However, even these distorted worlds have to share common very fundamental characteristics which simple accidents simply can not change.

For example: a Universe in our Multiverse which isn't affected by any of the forces, or one that is of a different existence rank entirely, or one that doesn't follow mathematical logic, and etc.