In this blog post a plan to restore the wiki is enacted.

The Problem

All dimensions wiki activity

Need I say more?

The Questions

"Why should this wiki change?"

This wiki should change because it was the original birthplace of the V&D community (since 2012), and as such holds a measure of historical significance. If people are allowed to tamper and trample the birthplace of this veritable treasure trove they are destroying what was once awesome - and that's just not cool.

"Why bother changing things if the V&D wiki is the only wiki people wish to use for legitimate purposes?"

Again, it is to ensure this place will serve as an easily navigable historic monument to the topic to the art of imaginary cosmologies. The Restoration's intent is not to restore the prior user base and flow of quality content - no, the Restoration's purpose is to simply clean up this place, and keep it clean. If you want to make an article here - fine. It would better if you made it on V&D wiki, but just know from now on the focus of this wiki will be historical preservation.

The Solution

Slap a deletion notice on every spam page!

Not so fast. The admins have no good reason to return here (and rightly so) so why should they take the time to delete all these pages? Their administrative powers can not be seen as recourse in this situation.

So what can be done?

New admins must be appointed, who are willing to clean up and dedicate a sizable allotment of their time doing so. This is planned for the future, though at the moment people should focus on what they can do without these appointments, namely removing content from pages and putting up a notice of deletion for these future appointed ones to act on.

In addition, the influx of new users can be mitigated with the "__NOINDEX__" tag (minus quotation marks) which prevents a page from showing up in a search engine when you search for the item in question. This will prevent this wiki from showing up to those who would further the problem.

For users who are already here and contributing to the problem, simply ignore and revert them. For users who are here and agree that it would be nice to do without the spam, there's a lot to do, and it isn't going to get done in one day. But if even just one person keeps at it I am confident this wiki will not only be subdued, but purified again.

Let the cleaning begin!

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