so i had an idea. short names for verses or whatever. 3 letters:

first letter will be the first consonant. second letter is the first vowel. third letter is the last consonant before verse if it's a verse. else, put the last consonant. if it's same letter as the first consonant, change it to the second vowel. if that is the same as the first consonant, change it to the next letter. take that 3-letter acronym thingy and add another letter to the end. if it is a verse, add V. if it already ends with a V, add a D. if it's not a verse at all, add E unless it already ends with a vowel. if it does, add N if it is a galactic structure or bigger. if it's smaller, add T. this idea is weird. if you don't think so, here are some examples of this:

omniverse: monv

universe: nuiv

galaxy: gaxe

planet: pate

see what i mean? why did i do this?

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