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Plasmath Plasmath 19 June

Elementary Particles

The elementary particles are the 29 kinds of particles which contain strings. They appear prominently in quantum/particle physics, and a large amount of verses are made from them. One particle, the photon, also contains 2 Blueprint Particles. They are split into 3 categories: the quarks, the leptons, and the bosons.

  • 1 List of elementary particles
    • 1.1 Quarks
    • 1.2 Leptons
    • 1.3 Bosons
      • 1.3.1 Gauge bosons
      • 1.3.2 Scalar bosons

The following is a list of elementary particles, as follows:

Quarks are important particles that compose protons and neutrons. There are six types: up, down, charm, strange, top, and bottom, all with corresponding antiparticles. In protons and neutrons, every particle has a corresponding antiparticle except for 3 up and down quarks (2 up qua…

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Plasmath Plasmath 6 May

The Final Verse

This should only be created if the Final Verse Community Project wins.

The Final Verse, as you may expect, is the final verse in The Extended Hierarchy, so it must be very important to keep that title. And it definitely deserves it, because it is definitely the most complex and interesting verse in the entire hierarchy, containing many verses. It is extremely large and nearly impossible to pass in some places, and even the laws found inside of it vary. {{Verse|name=The Final Verse|dimensionality=. This ordinal has it’s own name: The Final Verse Ordinal, or THIVON. Although it may not seem like it, THIVON is so much bigger than the size of The Subfinal Verse, or any other verse, that it is impossible to get to without using power sets inside…

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Plasmath Plasmath 17 April

A Guide to Verse Exploration

  • 1 Prologue
    • 1.1 How you can contribute
  • 2 Chapter 1: Finding your type of verse
    • 2.1 But I know what kind of verse I'm in!
    • 2.2 Lawless Verse
    • 2.3 Decay Verse
    • 2.4 Protoverse-based
    • 2.5 Blueprint-based
    • 2.6 Atypical Verses
  • 3 Chapter 2a: Infinite Energy - Protoverse-based
  • 4 Chapter 2b: Infinite Energy - Blueprint-based

This online book is primarily directed towards beginners to verse exploration. Some basic topics that will be discussed in this book are:

  • Finding your type of verse
  • Going at very fast speeds and acquiring infinite energy
  • Leaving your current verse
  • Meeting other entities and species
  • Finding and changing your Existence Rank and moving at infinite speeds
  • Mapping where your home verse is located

as well as many others. Although this is not directed to experienced ex…

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Plasmath Plasmath 14 April


A Kleinparticle is a type of force particle that forms from the interaction of a Möbiparticle and an Antimöbiparticle, and also only interacts as a pulling force if far away, and a pushing force if too close. However, if a Möbiparticle / Antimöbiparticle pair begin too far away, a Kleinparticle will form. Kleinparticles also repel Möbiparticles of equal types.

The Kleinparticle was named due to its similarities to the forming of the Kleinverse, being made from two Möbius strip-shaped objects. It should be noted, however, that the Kleinparticle is not actually shaped like a Klein bottle, because it is a force particle that does not really have a shape. The image on this page is just an interpretation of what it might look like based on what …

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Plasmath Plasmath 21 March


Wendy (standing for Weakest Entity Not Destroyed (Yellow)) is currently the weakest entity known that has not yet been destroyed. She is extremely small (smaller than a Blueprint Particle), and has 2 brothers: Wendr (Weakest Entity Not Destroyed (Red)) and Wendb (Weakest Entity Not Destroyed (Blue)).

Anything made with Blueprint Particles and Blueprint Particles themselves are dangerous and deadly to Wendy (this includes photons), so taking photos of Wendy proved to be difficult. Even • is extremely dangerous and acts like antimatter to Wendy, and math has shown that the resulting reaction would be visible to the human eye.

Because of this, Wendy has a means of self-defense from these particles. She says she has a 'particle forcefield' which…

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