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The elementary particles are the 29 kinds of particles which contain strings. They appear prominently in quantum/particle physics, and a large amount of verses are made from them. One particle, the photon, also contains 2 Blueprint Particles. They are split into 3 categories: the quarks, the leptons, and the bosons.

List of elementary particles

The following is a list of elementary particles, as follows:


Quarks are important particles that compose protons and neutrons. There are six types: up, down, charm, strange, top, and bottom, all with corresponding antiparticles. In protons and neutrons, every particle has a corresponding antiparticle except for 3 up and down quarks (2 up quarks and 1 down quark for protons, 2 down quarks and 1 up quark for neutrons). Other combinations of quarks are called hadrons.

  • Up quark
  • Down quark
  • Up antiquark
  • Down antiquark
  • Charm quark
  • Strange quark
  • Charm antiquark
  • Strange antiquark
  • Top quark
  • Bottom quark
  • Top antiquark
  • Bottom antiquark


Leptons are important particles that include the electron, as well as some other particles. There are six types as well: the electron, the electron neutrino, the muon, the muon neutrino, the tau, and the tau neutrino. They also all have antiparticles, with the antielectron having a special name; the positron.

  • Electron
  • Positron
  • Electron neutrino
  • Electron antineutrino
  • Muon
  • Antimuon
  • Muon neutrino
  • Muon antineutrino
  • Tau
  • Antitau
  • Tau neutrino
  • Tau antineutrino


The bosons are particles that control various important forces. There are two categories: the four gauge bosons, and the singular scalar boson. The photon carries the electromagnetic force, the W and Z bosons control the weak nuclear force, the gluon carries the strong nuclear force, and the Higgs boson controls the mass of various other particles.

Gauge bosons

  • Photon
  • W boson
  • Z boson
  • Gluon

Scalar bosons

  • Higgs boson