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Randomuser66 Randomuser66 17 July

Mips rabbit

Mips rabbit is beyond all paradoxes, as well as beyond the concept of finality index, eusi, size, and dimensionality. He is also beyond the concept of power.

He is an ultimate entity, and is fully post-spacial, as well as post-time. This means he is more powerful than most absolute gods. He also has friends including:

Cyclic bunny (his friend that is really weak and weaker than Bongus)

Doom rabbit (clone)

Dice rabbit (has perfect RNG so he is post-spacial because of pure luck and quantum fluctuations and other bullshit)

Mips rabbit is beyond all concepts and paradoxes, and even beyond the concept of mathematics. This means his true power cannot be described with numbers or even words, as it is too high for either of them.

Mips rabbit is eternal. …

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Randomuser66 Randomuser66 16 May

Ultra chungus

is the 2nd iteration of super chungus.

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Randomuser66 Randomuser66 6 May


  • 1 the tomatoverse
    • 1.1 jail cells
    • 1.2 Special cells
  • 2 reputation scale
    • 2.1 Reputation 1
    • 2.2 Reputation 0.5
    • 2.3 Reputation 0
    • 2.4 Reputation -1
    • 2.5 Reputation -2
    • 2.6 Reputation -3 (Treachery)
    • 2.7 Reputation -4
    • 2.8 Reputation -5
    • 2.9 Reputation -6 and below
    • 2.10 Reputation -10
    • 2.11 Reputation -80
  • 3 Other ranks
    • 3.1 Reputation 2
    • 3.2 Reputation 3
  • 4 RULES
  • 5 Guards
    • 5.1 Guard type 1 - Scouts
    • 5.2 Guard type 2 - External guards
    • 5.3 Guard type 3 - Torturers
    • 5.4 Guard type 4 - Cell Maintenance Guards (CMGs)
    • 5.5 Guard type 5 - Overseer bots
    • 5.6 Guard type 6 - External guards Type II
    • 5.7 Guard type 7 - Single cell guards
    • 5.8 Guard type 8 - Big guards
  • 6 other rank info
  • 7 the tomatoverse's creator
  • 8 Why very few people can escape the tomatoverse
  • 9 tomato god
  • 10 List of people that escaped the tomatoverse
  • 11 wip page lol

the …

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Randomuser66 Randomuser66 14 April


Outspiral is a verse where entities do nothing. Outspiral's creator is Gorg.

Outspiral is a verse where entities do nothing. When told by gorg to do something, they do something.

It also spirals outwards hence the name.

Gorg is the creator and leader of Outspiral, and instructs all entities to do specific tasks. 40% of an entity's life is spent doing tasks and 60% is nothing (assuming they are from outspiral)

Gorg is very op

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Randomuser66 Randomuser66 14 May


bogdot is a tiny dot in the vastness of space. it is approximately smaller than Wendy.

bogdot has, since his discovery in ■■■, has been sealed in a tiny cardboard box to prevent him from being killed.

bogdot is surprisingly smart for his tiny size, and can answer complex math questions.

bogdot also has a forcefield to protect himself from TOBA Particles, and it is how he survives in the cardboard box.

on 32821, bogdot was hit by a Tinyparticle in the cardboard box. he was saved by his forcefield, which broke it into tons and tons of pieces. he still got hurt and fully recovered on 4121

this is all there is to say about bogdot.

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