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Basic info

The crustacianverse is a verse ruled 100% by crabs. There are many types of crabs here. It is also one of the biggest verses. It is also a ball in shape and air pressure is 14.7 psi. The image is of the INSIDE, NOT the outside. there is a huge dome surrounding the verse to stop attackers but it lets non attackers inside and they get sent to the crustacianverse after entry. the huge dome is made of very strong metal and is super thick, it is full of sentries, aa sentries, laser cannons, turrets, aa turrets, and lasers as well as rainbow lasers and they have towers on them as well as ships surrounding it. it is deemed impossible to break in, so that means (almost) no attackers!! yay!!!!!

Some cool and important places

The crab king's mountain

The crab king's mountain is a very big and tall snowy mountain in which the crab king sits at the top, floating.

This mountain is very tall and you aren't allowed to climb it until permissions are given by a zeta crab.

This mountain is so tall, in fact, that it is the tallest mountain as of the making of this page. (someone's gonna make a bigger one just to dethrone this one I bet.)

The crab field

The crab field is a place where crabs eat plants. It is very large, and is the largest of the areas listed here.

Soup bowl

Nobody knows why it is here but for some reason the crab king said it was important so nobody is allowed to touch it but you can observe it at a large distance away.


The super citadel

It's just a really big citadel that anyone can enter as long as they are permitted

The small crab field

It's just there.



The supra dupra crab factory

it is a huge factory on the top of the crustacianverse that produces over 95% of all crabs in the crustacianverse!!!! its technology keeps getting improved every 5 minutes, so the crabs will never stop being produced.

Types of crabs (from wekkest to stronkest and epicestseseseset)

  1. Micro crab: these are really tiny crabs that are almost everywhere and are the size of a grain of sand. They're basically small versions of bug crabs mixed with red crabs.
  2. Bug crab: these guys are really tiny (around the size of a ping pong ball). They eat small plants.
  3. Blue crab: bigger version of bug crabs and is also more intelligent and much stronger. They eat plants and evil bugs when they group together
  4. Evil bugs: these aren't actually crabs but they should be mentioned. They eat food for the crabs and are a threat to the crustacianverse and since the crab king is sleeping and will be for a while the weaker crabs have to defend the crustacianverse from the evil bugs. Update: the crab king woke up and killed half of the evil bugs.
  5. Red crab: these are just red and better versions of blue crabs. They were made by crab king to protect the land from evil bugs. 1 red crab is as strong as 11 evil bugs.
  6. Grass makers: they eat grass and then poop out that amount of grass and 20% more grass with it. They eat 50 blades of grass per second.
  7. Green striped crab: these are cool looking and are the size of watermelons.
  8. Monochrome crab: more cool looking version of green striped crabs.
  9. Parasitic crab: they latch onto weaker invaders to take control of them and use them against the invaders!!!
  10. Metal crab: highly durable crabs that dig holes and take metal and rocks to the surface for blue and red crabs to use to build structures such as houses and castles/palaces.
  11. Evil bug eater: they eat evil bugs, and every time they eat an evil bug, they get stronger. Placement is initial strength. The more bugs they eat the more they can eat.
  12. Guard crab: they protect the crab field from evil bugs.
  13. Decrabber: small scout tanks.
  14. Tank crab: literally just tanks in the shape of crabs. Just as strong as a normal tank and works like one too but it can think and stuff like that.
  15. Decrabber factories: they produce decrabbers and they produce one tank crab every 100 decrabbers. This means they still produce millions of tanks every millisecond.
  16. Crab factory bot: they produce weak crabs, from bug to monochrome.
  17. Lobster makers: they make lobsters.
  18. Crab builders: they build structures extremely fast, capable of making millions of structures every second.
  19. Crab factory factory bots: they produce crab factory bots.
  20. Crab factory factory bot factories: they produce crab factory factory bots.
  21. Cat crab: they are like cats but crab and also they are pets of super crabs.
  22. Super crab: they are powerful crabs with big palaces and castles made for them where they can do whatever they want.
  23. MEGA CRAB: they protect the crustacianverse from evil bug infestations since they are so numerous they are actually dangerous even to these guys.
  24. Mega crab factory: they produce all crabs from metal-mega at a rate of 90 million per nanosecond, but mostly mega.
  25. Zeta crab: they are just more powerful versions of mega crabs. Some jobs include: clearing places from evil bugs, protecting the crab king's mountain, protecting the soup bowl, building castles and palaces as well as mega crab factories, retrieving minerals, etc. etc. These guys are also around as powerful as FireWater each.
  26. Theta crab: these are pretty much weaker versions of the crab king. They build factory bots and factories. They are also the crabs that live in palaces and castles (same thing). Each theta crab is around as powerful as Sentient Triangle which Destroys Multiverses.
  27. Defense factory crabs: they mass-produce defenses to protect the crustacianverse and dense population centers.
  28. Alpha crab: they protect the crustacianverse from dangers like the cephalopod of nightmares. Each of these are as powerful as Bongus. Only problem? They don't work that well against the cephalopod of nightmares.
  29. Super defense factories [SDFs]: they are more powerful versions of defense factories that have some extra defense types shown below.
  30. Bugripper 3960X: a really powerful robot that is as powerful as 150,000,000 alpha crabs or 150,000 SDFs. It was created to destroy evil bugs.
  31. Crab 3090: another powerful bot around 15% stronger than bugripper 3960X, made to protect the crustacianverse from threats.
  32. Emergency crab bots: extremely powerful robots each of which have a power level of 150,000 Vsaue. They are made to protect the crustacianverse from invasions and more powerful threats. They automatically activate once an emergency occurs.
  33. Emergency crab factory bots: produces every type of crab.
  34. Gargantua: gargantuas are made to defend the crustacianverse from large threats. They can build emergency crab factory bots and are 100,000,000x stornger than emergency crab bots. They are also not crabs.
  35. Gargantuars: stronger versions of gargantuas.
  36. Gargantua factories: they produce 100 gargantuas per second and are always operating.
  37. Giga Gargantuars: Red stronger versions of gargantuars.
  38. Commando Gargantuar: SUPER STRONG AND POWERFUL VERSION OF GARGANTUARS THAT HAVE TONS OF BOMB SHOOTERS AND HAVE CLAWS just 1 of them can defend the crustacianverse from the cephalopod of nightmares.
  39. Fortresses on Wheels: these are only seen in the super citadel, as they are too dangerous for regular citadels. They are like tanks but HUGE, and are like citadels on wheels. There are only 8 billion of these in the super citadel.
  40. Anti-Mothership: the mothership but good. 50% the power of the real mothership but would be used if the mothership attacked to stop it from destroying the crustacianverse.

Defense factory crab defense types

  1. Spikes: they are spikes that are both offensive and defensive. they are used to surround villages.
  2. Lasers: they are laser pointers that kill evil bugs and other bad things (or baddies xdxdxd).
  3. Scary crabs: they scare baddies away.
  4. Suicide bomber cubes: they run up to enemies and explode to kill enemies.
  5. Defense rectangular prisms: they are like spikes but very strong and less offensive.
  6. SDF EXCLUSIVE [SUPER SPIKE]: very big and sturdy version of regular spikes.
  7. SDF EXCLUSIVE [RAINBOW LASER]: more powerful and dangerous version of laser that cannot be blocked by laser goggles and can easily vaporize attackers. The reason why it is unable to be blocked by a laser goggle is due to the fact that it rapidly changes color, this means that no laser goggle type can block it as the wavelength changes.
  8. Trap: they are traps that catch evil bugs and other attackers and keep them in one place. It has 2 modes: the first mode is kill mode which auto kills ASAP. The second mode is torture mode that slowly & painfully kills victims.
  9. SDF EXCLUSIVE [TOWER]: very big and sturdy tower that is also full of turrets and stuff like that.
  10. SDF EXCLUSIVE [SHIP]: giant ship that actually flies in the air that has a bunch of turrets on them and have trap cannons that shoot millions of traps.
  11. Mini ship: small version of ships.
  12. Weaker rainbow lasers: rainbow lasers but only 50% the strength. They are usually made in pairs or more though.
  13. Turrets: they shoot baddies and evil bugs.
  14. AA turrets: they are like turrets but better and only shoot stuff from the air.
  15. Sentries: like turrets but they have 2 pew pewers instead of 1. Requires a bit more resources to make.
  16. AA sentries: you get the point.
  17. Laser cannons: they used to be sdf exclusive but now they aren't. They can shoot down almost any aircraft.

The crab king

The crab king is one of the most powerful entities. Even stronger than aria flower. Not anymore. He's nothing compared to newer cosmic entities. BUT IS HE REALLY THAT WEAK? He is currently sleeping at the top of his mountain and will continue for a very long time. He is the ruler of this verse and tries to make every crab live very happy lives. He also has a crab cannon.

The crab king made the crustacianverse and all the inhabitants we now know he did not.

He is also referred to as the crab god sometimes but he prefers being called the crab king since he says it sounds cooler.

The crab king is also as old as time itself.

He also has a pet fish.

The crab king will not say what the purpose of the soup bowl is.

The crab king is very op and smart too, he has a big brain.

The crab king just woke up.

Big cactus

He is the creator of the crustacianverse.

He is stronger than the crab king and is even more powerful than the entire Cosmicialverse combined. No. He's not so powerful anymore. He killed himself for no reason in 61 OYC.

He is also the creator of the evil bugs but they were actually meant to be good, and he revives himself temporarily every 287271616783 quintillion OYC to check on this verse.

He's actually weaker than the crab king now.

Misc. stats

This verse's population is big.

This verse is also a country (wait that's not a stat).

This verse is big.

Population info

80% crab 10% lobster 10% other

About certain structures

Crab villages

These are just living spaces for crabs. each house in a crab village can house up to 100 billion crabs

Crab palaces

These are made for theta crabs

Crab castles

Same as crab palaces except named differently


They feature every item in existence except for stuff crabs are not allowed to have in infinite stocks at free price


They are forts to defend the crustacianverse

Fun areas

Places where crabs can have INFINITE FUN.

List of all existential threats to the crustacianverse

  1. The infernocrab is a very evil crab that is made of fire. it is around the strength of Avi. It was first found in 62 OYC and then another attack in 97 OYC, the last attack on the crustacianverse was in 771 OYC when he was defeated by the crab king after he woke up
  2. The crustacian of destruction A.K.A CoD is a super evil crab that is made of light, but don't let its composition fool you! it is a very evil crab that had only attacked once. its power is 479 Vsaue. It attacked first and last in 9984 OYC when the crab king killed it.
  3. The cephalopod of nightmares is a very dangerous squid that attacked over 90 times between 6 OYC and 10238 OYC and it is still alive. it is around as powerful as aria flower from the cosmicalverse. each time it attacks it kills many high ranked crabs and creates evil bugs but each time it is destroyed by the crab king and shredded into pieces but it is indestructible so it can only be torn apart and now the crustacianverse has created defenses to protect itself and the king from an attack from this monster. also it is so scary that it makes crabs so scared they are (not literally) petrified. It spends a few OYC rebuilding itself after it dies sorta like mekhane the broken god except it is way cooler and scarier in all ways. KRAF-2 then annihilates the Cephalopod of Nightmares and brings him to the prison in the Cosmicialverse to make sure he will not come back to destroy the Crustacianverse. he has been released by an unknown cosmic entity who is far far stronger than the crab king.
  4. The Monster is an extremely dangerous entity that is the same strength as king crab. He attacks once every 10,000,000 OYC, each attack the crustacianverse must come together to chase this entity out of the crustacianverse. He summons many evil bugs, more so than even the cephalopod of nightmares. It is so dangerous that on its first attack the crab king created a new type of factory called super defense factories (SDFs) which are more powerful versions of defense factories. It is also much scarier than the cephalopod of nightmares. Physical description: Huge, terrifying, many legs (at the very least 50), sharp teeth, red eyes, floating.
  5. The Mothership is by far the strongest threat on this list, and is capable of destroying the crab king himself. It only attacked once in 11,061 OYC and was stopped by the crab king. It is a very large ship in the air that has a lot of cannons on it that can destroy almost anything. It is possible that if it attacked again, it would destroy all of the crustacianverse.


Note: since this verse is changing, it will need some updates from time to time. Maybe the crab king will reveal the purpose of the soup bowl? Maybe the crab king will wake up? Maybe the evil bugs do something big? Updates are listed here.

  1. The crab king revealed that the soup bowl is actually an ancient artifact.
  2. The crab king woke up and made new crab types.
  3. The crustacianverse has been revealed to be created by a big cactus.