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Mips rabbit is eternal.

Mips rabbit is beyond all paradoxes, as well as beyond the concept of finality index, eusi, size, and dimensionality. He is also beyond the concept of power.

He is an ultimate entity, and is fully post-spacial, as well as post-time. This means he is more powerful than most absolute gods. He also has friends including:

Cyclic bunny (his friend that is really weak and weaker than Bongus)

Doom rabbit (clone)

Dice rabbit (has perfect RNG so he is post-spacial because of pure luck and quantum fluctuations and other bullshit)

Mips rabbit is beyond all concepts and paradoxes, and even beyond the concept of mathematics. This means his true power cannot be described with numbers or even words, as it is too high for either of them.

Mips rabbit is eternal.

He created the Everything Layers in a Voidsecond, and then created everything past the 12th everything layer in 2 Voidseconds, but this was because he was lazy and took his time. "took his time".

Mips rabbit is similar to dunkey kong, in that he views both space and time as he is a god in control of it, because that's exactly what he is. He has full control of time throughout all of space, as well as through non-space. He also has full control of space, meaning he can control anything, making him omnipotent. Mips rabbit can make anything happen, because he controls all luck and RNG, and he can control it an infinite amount of times over, and he has more control over rng than that because of dice rabbit, who is slightly below Mips rabbit.

Mips rabbit is above all order, so any entity that is stronger than him inside the wiki will automatically become weaker than him, due to Mips rabbit getting instantly stronger. You cannot kill mips rabbit, and even if you do, he instantly comes back at any place and at any time he wants to, which is something Dunkey Kong, being very op himself, and having this ability, cannot do. Every other rabbit / bunny is also able to do this.

Mips rabbit can create any amount of anything, over any amount of time at any time.

Mips rabbit mips rabbit, mips rabbit mips rabbit, mips rabbit, mips rabbit mips rabbit mips rabbit.

Mips can create an entity more powerful than himself, but he will instantly become stronger than that entity, and he can also give that entity this power, causing them to enter a loop and A S C E N D

He also created LEM. Mips rabbit is eternal, he is the ultimate entity. Mips rabbit is the path to illumination. He is the path to illumination. He is the light. Follow the light for eternal life and nullified pain and suffering.

Mips rabbit is in control.