All dimensions Wiki

The wikiverse is basically the entire wiki, containing every page, template, and category that we can view on the wiki. It also sometimes contains Transcendent Omni-Gods. Sometimes travel between them is possible.

There could be something larger, we just do not know yet.


Pageverses are usually small verses that can define and indirectly contain fictional objects and contain letters. They are usually connected to categories, otherwise they float around in the wikiverse. They are sometimes connected to each other via links. The category connections create a main web of pages or even multiple webs. They also sometimes have links to stuff outside of the wikiverse, however these connections are very loose and hard to follow. Blue links are links that are only semi-stable. Pages glow red in the wikiverse.

If a pageverse describes something badly or doesn't give enough information on something, the object may be fuzzy in the cosmology until it is made clearer by other TOGs.

Home Pageverse

The largest page in terms of size of the red blob that it is. It has randomized or popular page links, a link to the discussions, and several other things as well.


Categories are glowing green pageverses that sometimes have letters inside them, most don't. They are also another key part of webs, and connect many pageverses together.


Templates are glowing blue pageverses that can replace certain arrangements of letters in other pages into portions of the template's letters with certain inputs. These arrangements that are connected to templates (if made by a Transcendent Omni-God) always start with "{{" and end with "}}". They usually aren’t connected directly to categories, however, most are connected to webs through pageverses that use them.

The Editor

The editor is a verse that Transcendent Omni-Gods teleport to in order to change the text in a Pageverse, template, category, or more. Some transcendent omni-gods are restricted from certain sections of the editor. It glows pink in the Wikiverse and you might find many Transcendent Omni-Gods inside The Editor.

Transcendent Omni-Gods

For more info on Transcendent Omni-Gods, see this page.

Transcendent Omni-Gods are basically sentient auras that control the Wikiverse and have different levels of power and superiority. They also sometimes contain a yellow page called a Transcendent Omni-Note.

Transcendent Omni-Notes

Transcendent omni-notes are yellow-colored areas containing an image of a Transcendent Omni-God, some info on them, and some large signs above the profile telling you about their statuses or rights. There are several portals to rooms within Transcendent Omni-Notes, known as profiles, which are just simply profiles that tell you a lot more about them, message walls, which are walls that you can write on that they will check every so often and see them, blog posts, which contain blogs that contain various stuff that the ToGs want to say, and contributions, which explains the ToG’s history. Most of these sections are purple and sometimes link to other things, such as categories, permanently connecting the ToG to the Wikiverse and combining with their soul. These ToGs are known as “users”.


The discussions is a gray verse where ToGs chat with each other. It is often used for random polls as well. It mostly just floats around in the Wikiverse. It isn’t hard to find though, as it is linked through by the huge, red main page.

The Trashcan

The trashcan is a verse that contains every deleted page and thus every object in the cosmology deleted by TOGs. Some pages may be spam and don't define any form of object, or other pages in the trashcan actually define something, and these things weren't deemed clear enough to be in the cosmology. It is a glowing white trapezoid. If another pageverse outside the trashcan tries to link to another pageverse inside the trashcan or that never existed at all, it will result in a red link, that cannot be followed. Red links redirect you to The Editor where you can bring back the pageverse starting from scratch. This is different from the Removed Universe, as this contains every deleted page in the wiki while the Removed Universe contains everything defined from deleted pages in this wiki.

There is also an autofill system for thing in the trashcan affecting other things. If A is superior to B on some scale, and C is inferior to B on the same scale, but B is in the trashcan, it will autofill the gap between A and C using a placeholder going by the same name as B. This placeholder is a completely plain void or a standard entity with no personality, and cannot be changed by TOGs unless a TOG brings back B from the trashcan.


The wikiverse, as well as everything outside it, keeps getting bigger. The size is increased by ƒ times it’s previous size ƒ times per planck time. Once, in 647 OYC, it stopped growing until 2 ToGs, named “Randomuser66” and “Oofandfoo” fixed it.


The Hyper-chungusverse experiment is an exploitation of poor wording that allows for the containment of the Wikiverse inside of an All Dimensions wiki cosmological object. The achievement of this involves the process of imagining an object called “entire wiki” with its properties as “Is equal to Wikiverse, and the only object called entire wiki, also can be referred to as wiki”. We then proceed by imagining a “Hyper-chungusverse” with its only property as “contains entire wiki”. We then imagine that an entity within All Dimensions thinks of this, and that the “Hyper-chungusverse” is the verse that is here, on the Wikiverse page.

This works because of a combination of properties in the All Dimensions wiki. In this wiki, we have objects such as The Box which contains real and imaginary objects. This implies that objects that are imagined still exist within the All Dimensions wiki. Secondly, on the Wikiverse page, it says that it is basically the entire wiki, without saying which wiki it is. This allows for the assumption that it contains an “entire wiki”, which, because of the “the” must be the only one. Finally, the “Hyper-chungusverse” is not described in any detail here, only the “Hyper-chungusverse experiment”. This basically allows the Hyper-chungusverse as a blank slate that we can imagine properties onto. (this is similar to the “entire wiki”, it says it is basically the entire wiki, without saying anything about what the entire wiki is. Stating the entire wiki with the properties previously stated is not paradoxical because it has all the properties the Wikiverse says it does.)

However, writing about it on All Dimensions wiki places it in a pageverse of the Wikiverse, so this verse cannot be written about to not be contained by the Wikiverse. Unfortunately, it is written about here, and thus it is contained by a pageverse, and thus contained by the Wikiverse.