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    February 16, 2020 by YellowMarkers1

    There are many problems with this wiki currently. There isn't really much organization, there is a wasteland of empty pages with just infoboxes or one sentence, and we don't even have any (active) admins.

    this is where i want to try to delete most, if not all, of the empty chains. the ones i particularly have my eye on are the archverse clones. they are literally just the megaverse, gigaverse, etc, but with a "-0" at the end, or a "known" at the beginning, or a double period at the end. there are literally over fifteen megaverse copies.

    this is where i want to improve the popular main cosmologies, from universe to omniverse, the outside, barrels and all. i want to improve them. they are the most popular pages, but they aren't that good compa…

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  • YellowMarkers1


    January 20, 2020 by YellowMarkers1

    Who else would it be

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  • YellowMarkers1

    10. our quadverse

    9. good petaverse

    8. excuse meverse

    7. pleaseverse

    6. thank youverse

    5. cranberrypotverse

    4. cheeseverse

    3. poopoocrog

    2. tldd

    1. earth


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  • YellowMarkers1

    This is totally my opinion. This is a top ten list on the most detailed, interesting and overall memorable articles with the most visible effort into them. Kill this pos\t.

    10. Paytyunverse. This page has a lot of detail into the elements and is overall a great page, with quite a bit of length.

    9. House. This page was very difficult to make, and is very original for what it is.

    8. Vendekashape. A very original concept with a lot of material in the article.

    7. Dieverse. This verse has a ton of info and is very creative with the concept of the dieverse.

    6. FireWater. This cosmic entity has a lot of detail into its experiences.

    5. TREEVERSE. This verse is very long and makes sense, and has a lot of detail.

    4. Coolverse. Very long page with a lot of …

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  • YellowMarkers1

    i do

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