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The 1V1 NOOB SKEPPY MINECRAFT OMG NOT FAKEverse is a verse located in the middle of the Puiettabverse. While it is highly dimensional, only one atom is in every dimension it has, so from a three-dimensional being, it just looks like three atoms, but from an infinite dimensional being, you can see a full verse.

Other verses

The 1V1 NOOB SKEPPY MINECRAFT OMG NOT FAKEverse contains many many different types of verses. Every verse is made of thin matter and is less than aleph 0 long.

The sides

The sides of this verse are made of leather because the atoms have formed in this way. It is impossible to get through the leather without ripping it, so this leather has a LOT of holes.

The core

The core of this verse is just a ping pong ball, and thats it. It is a normal ping pong ball you would find in your grandmother's basement.

List of people who hate this verse

  • Toocs
  • Tirips
  • Retirwsiht
  • Shateehc
  • Angnolabynot
  • Xeraa
  • Terces
  • Egres
  • Yekcim
  • Suteey
  • En9n