This is totally my opinion. This is a top ten list on the most detailed, interesting and overall memorable articles with the most visible effort into them. Kill this pos\t.

10. Paytyunverse. This page has a lot of detail into the elements and is overall a great page, with quite a bit of length.

9. House. This page was very difficult to make, and is very original for what it is.

8. Vendekashape. A very original concept with a lot of material in the article.

7. Dieverse. This verse has a ton of info and is very creative with the concept of the dieverse.

6. FireWater. This cosmic entity has a lot of detail into its experiences.

5. TREEVERSE. This verse is very long and makes sense, and has a lot of detail.

4. Coolverse. Very long page with a lot of info, makes sense with a lot of visible effort.

3. re

2. That Place. Not that long of an article, but what this symbolizes and the originality puts it here.

1. Chetoma. Definitely the longest and most creative article on here, with plenty of visible effort.

So thats my list. I know i put some of my pages on here, but most pages are bad so they had to be on here. Tell me your opinion in the comments,

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