The Utilities are the ruling entities of the mesaverse, representing the computational power drawn by various important parts of mesaversal infrastructure. Tasks performed by the utilities include allocating computational power to different multiverses in the mesaverse, and ensuring that crashed and malfunctioning multiverses are properly isolated and destroyed before they cause problems for other multiverses in the mesaverse. They are a thorn in the side to many growing mesaversal civilisations, who find that their increased use of computational power leads the Utilities to class them as a malfunction and to demand concessions.

A subclass of utilities, known as the Initutilities, are believed to handle mesaverses when they are created and destroyed, including creating the actual Utilities. Within the mesaverse, their existence is unconfirmed, though xenoversal and above civilisations can observe Initutilities in action and do employ them towards these ends.

Utilities in neighboring mesaverses in the xenoverse can communicate using the mesaversal APIs if necessary - they have the access permissions - though generally they keep their operations independent for redundancy and because they have no motivation to communicate. As they care mostly about maintaining proper functioning of their own mesaverses, they very rarely hack into these APIs to gain more influence.

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