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{{Verse_2|image = FA039FB9-040F-435F-9637-CBBF6EDDB3FD.jpeg|size = A large amount of [[DHUB]]s|kardashev = a large number|population = a VERY large number|location = [[Trueverse]]|contents = [[DHUB]]s}}V. A large, odd, and colorful verse where many things happen. This verse's DHUBs are within the small red and blue lines, while the purple is the void. The DHUBs are a very not-even-microscopic part of the lines, and the verse itself has a large, bright center where the amount of DHUBs is extremely compact and somehow not a black hole. A large reason the name is so... short would be the fact that scientists were so shocked to see the colors here that the only word to come out of their mouths for the name would be "Vee."

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