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The V e r s e hierarchy is a very strange hierarchy that is located beyond The Bin. It is a complete repeat of the hierarchy all the way from Universe to The Bin, but much larger. These names are spaced out, so Universe would be called U n i v e r s e, Multiverse would be called M u l t i v e r s e, all the way up to T h e B i n.



The same size as M u l t i v e r s e.


The same size as T h e G r e a t T r i a n g l e.


A strange person, who descovered this hierarchy, picked some of the objects and left questionable quotes on them. The quotes are listed below. They are very, very questionable, but are often looked to when these V e r s e s are talked about.

Mark list

Name Mark
U n i v e r s e "The U n i v e r s e is a protective shell around nearly everything in this wiki and everything not in this wiki. It contains The Bin, which means it is seriously large and incomprehendable."
M u l t i v e r s e "Contains U n i v e r s e s. Is this even reality anymore? It is so large."
M e t a v e r s e "w h y"
X e n o v e r s e "A xenoverse but literally never stops getting larger. SO LARGE OMGGGGGG"
H y p e r v e r s e "lol no u"
O m n i v e r s e "At last. Like the omniverse, but at an infinity TO THE INFITITY LIKE INFINITY TIMES scale. The omniverse seems like nothing now."
T h e O u t s i d e "An area that surrounds the O m n i v e r s e. We are getting some serious deja vu here."
T h e B a r r e l "I wonder why it is called the barrel. Im pretty sure the real thing doesnt actually look like a barrel."
B a r r e l p l e x "It contains barrels. Sometimes, past experience can help you learn."
T h e B o x "Welp. It has been a long journey. We started with simply a universe. But it went up. The Box was initially thought to be the largest thing on the wiki. But people improved. People were able to create larger things. Really, there was never an end. There was never, ever an actual end to this journey of trying to get the highest infinity."
C e t a v e r s e "Told you. Ends never happen. It even goes to miner's weird chain"
M a n d e l b r o t v e r s e "Still going. You know, it would be weird if we copied the entire wiki at this level. Maybe worth a try xD"
M e g a - B o x "purple box"
U l t r a - B o x "I love how we arent being original at all"
T h e G r e a t T r i a n g l e "It has three sides. what the heck are we even doing"
T h e G r e a t S q u a r e "It has four sides. Why are we even making this? We know what conclusion we will come to"
T h e S u p e r S p a c e "why did the monkey cross the road"
T h e A b s o l u t e S p a c e "Once i fell asleep on an airplane and after i woke up i puked, i guess its motion sickness but IDK"
T h e N e a r E v e r y t h i n g "The weird thing is that The Near Everything contains nothing. Life is strange."
B n a t h v e r s e "Remove the n and its a bath. Scrubbin in the tub, rub a dub dub."
U b e r R e a l m "isnt uber a car brand"
T h e E n d "why are we being so serious about a made up wikipedia"
E v e r y v e r s e "Does squaring infinity really make a difference?"
T h e C o i n "i think paper straws are the worst inventions ever"
T h e B i n "yes"