about vibes

vibes are like superpowers

beings below your vibe level cannot harm you mentally or physically or in any other way.

the stronger your vibes are the stronger you are (higher level = higher strength)

vibes make you stronger in many ways such as making you more durable and making you faster and more intelligent

vibes require special training to unlock and advance

the god of vibes is xok. he made vibes and has the highest level vibes of anyone

vibe auras

Level 1 - white

Level 2 - red

Level 3 - green

Level 4 - blue

Level 5 - pink

vibe levels

level 1 | basic vibes | not very powerful

level 2 | semi-advanced vibes | slightly more powerful but they arent very powerful

level 3 | advanced vibes | powerful | gives you reality bending powers if you dont already have them and if you already do have them then they get more efficient

level 4 | advanced vibes level II | more powerful | gives omnipotence if you don't already have it. increases power by alot if you already do have it.

level 5 | super advanced vibes | really op | makes you intelligent and stronk


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