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The Vendekashape is the contest-winner of the LIFEVERSE competition.

The LIFEVERSE competition

The point of this competition was to create a verse, shape, object that could allow the existence of as many verses as possible, of varying laws and rules.

Superior verses, such as the Multiverse, contain inferior verses, such as our Universe, and only verses whose laws are similar (the way in which, is described in complex rules that, for the sake of the reader, we shall not get into). Theoretically, two distinct Multiverses should not be allowed to intersect each other, the laws under which they are governed would rip them both apart instantly, more so for higher EUSI rank verses.

This particular event sought for smart and creative minds to individually, or collaboratively, create a verse or manifold, that could house multiple mixed verses from different Multiverses, Xenoverses, Hyperverses and even Omniverses.

The difficulty, and thus competition, part of this task, comes from the sheer unpredictability and complications that come with determining, whether a verse will or won't be allowed to exist and sustain its structure under variant laws.

The main focus of this competition was about problem solving with contradicting and paradoxical laws, since in the real world, the majority of verses have strange, unnatural laws, as they are set upon its birth, predicting which is an unsolved problem even to this day. The findings and ideas from this competition could be used in real world applications, for when phenomena such as verse-decay, box-interference or even absoverse-wide wars, happen. In situations as dire as these, where massive amount of life is at stake and immediate help needs to be delivered, housing units such as the Vendekashape are of upmost importance. Evacuating heaps of verses at once of impossibly-many-laws abiding verses is no simple task, as proven myriads of times.

The Vendekashape's formal description

The Vendekashape, made by Milmin de Auguly, is a verse that is still being studied to this day, being created 5 OYC years ago.

Before explaining how the Vendekashape works, we must first introduce a concept known as: law gradiency. In a simplified way, this property is held by verses, whose laws aren't constant on every position inside the verse. This is usually held by larger verses, since smaller verses would undergo too many conflicts within themselves to sustain their existence.

The Vendekashape manipulates law gradiency into dimensional bubbles that encompass every verse. These bubbles match the verses desired laws perfectly, as well as being finite in size, despite being -dimensional.

The bubbles also act as a type of protection, where every object that comes from a certain verse will also have a bubble surrounding it that complies with its laws. Since the bubbles can't interact, and will always bounce off each other, they act as shields from any unequal bubbles that could delete the object in an instant.

This bubble property is not caused by technology, but rather by the laws inside of the Vendekashape itself. Meaning, that the Vendekashape's laws create more laws themselves. This meta is a conception only imagined in sci-fi and fantasy, never before attempted to be made in real life, as it was always thought to be overly-challenging of a task.

The sheer complexity and innovation that came with the Vendekashape has allowed for much more studying in the field of law dynamics and gradiential law dynamics, which incorporates the theory of law gradiency into law dynamics.

The Vendekashape's apearance

The Vendekashape is a cube with red, yellow and green polyhedra separated by thick white lines. It contains verses and is just large enough to give the appropriate amount of space to every verse.

The shape is divided into 42 polygons, where no two neighbouring shapes are the same color.