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A generic representation of a verse with Universe like characteristics.

A verse is a cosmological container, occupying some dimension, with its own set of laws and (optionally) its own “nature”. In this sense, “nature” is defined as a complex, cyclic and self-dependent system of constants, laws, forces and such, which together form structures, phenomena, chaotic systems and sometimes rarely even life.


A verse doesn’t need to have its own nature, as a large chunk of verses that form usually do not have laws and constants set properly enough to allow the formation of things like in our Universe. It takes some considerable luck to achieve such phenomena and these unlucky verses aren’t inherently any noticeably different from verses with developed natural structures, so they are still counted as verses. A verse doesn’t need a barrier either, in order to be still called a “verse”. Some verses fizzle out, some have a strict barrier, some don’t have a barrier at all and loop around themselves, a couple rare verses only exist as an outer shell and a shell doesn’t have its own barrier, just like a surface doesn’t have its own surface. Opposite to these two characteristics, a verse needs to have its own set of laws, otherwise it is just the background of its superior verse with some funkier characteristics and unmatched distribution of matter.

Versility Index (LNB model)

One may call a verse without its dependant set of laws as an anarchyverse, even if it is not a verse, but only by name. If the verse has a barrier and structures, but no laws, it can be called a pod. Verses without a barrier or nature can be thought of as being less “verse-like”, which is where the versility index comes in.

The versility index is a 0 dimensional, scalar fraction that uniquely determines a 3 dimensional table, that shows whether a verse has its own laws, nature and/or barrier. The way that the versily index works, is that if a verse has its own laws, add 4 to the index, if it has its own nature, add 2, if it has its own barrier, add 1. The LNB model (laws, nature, barrier - ordered by importance in descending order) is the simplest and oldest, but not as useful when used in categorizing, as the combinations are too broad.

L N B Number Name
0 0 0 0 Nonverse
0 0 1 1 Cosmoskeleton
0 1 0 2 Nature Park
0 1 1 3 Pod
1 0 0 4 Fuzzy Area
1 0 1 5 Shellverse
1 1 0 6 Openverse
1 1 1 7 Absolutely verse
LNB chart.PNG


This section gives descriptions of terms that relate to verses (feel free to expand)

  • Superior verse: within context, it is a verse which contains another aforementioned verse
  • Subordinate verse: within context, it is a verse which is contained by another aforementioned verse
  • Infinite verse: a verse of transfinite size
  • Infinitesimal verse: a verse whose size is the reciprocal of a transfinite value