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Verse glitches are glitches that can happen in any omniverse, but only in omniverses. Can’t happen in other verses unless said verses are smaller than an omniverse.

types of verse glitches

Verse lag

Verse lag is when a verse starts lagging like in a video game. Not deadly, but severe lag is a sign of a verse crash. If you experience this, call verse glitch control please!

verse crash

Verse crashes are one of the most dangerous types of verse glitches. They are when, suddenly, all uqraek fibers in the verse switch places with each other, causing a devastating effect. 4 minutes later, the verse starts to slow down. 1 hour after that, the verse will completely stop for 2 minutes, and then the verse suddenly explodes! If you leave the verse while it’s crashing, it won’t explode, but all life in it will die.

verse softlock

A verse softlock is when a verse suddenly starts to go back in time 1 hour (everything back in time, like memory, locations, death, etc.) and that hour will play out exactly the same way as before, including it restarting after the hour finishes again. There are several ways to stop this, but the easiest one is for somebody to leave and re-enter the verse, and the verse will mysteriously go back to normal.

verse hardlock

A verse hardlock is very similar to a verse softlock, but rarer. It seems to have a 1/6 chance to replace a verse softlock. In these ones, the time loop happens every second. Also, leaving and re-entering the verse doesn’t stop it. Instead, you need special equipment from the outside the handle it.

verse fatal error

The verse just turns blue, then into a red ring, then explodes. That’s it. It’s gone. It can’t be stopped because the moment it turns blue, the verse is gone, all people and objects in it are gone, it’s just irreversible. Even if you go back in time, that verse will still be gone. If you go back while it’s blue or a red ring, it’ll still be a blue or a red ring. Any pre-alphasm god, even one on the level of chunky cheese, will die if they are inside when it happens. RIP

causes of verse glitches

cause chance Chance for verse softlock Chance for verse crash Chance for verse fatal error
Paradox 80% 70% 30% 1%
too much glitchonicite 50% 10% 90% 7%
contains something bigger than itself 95% 20% 80% 5%
old? 5% 70% 30% 0%
more than 10% black holes 15% 15% 85% 2%
more than half made of black holes 50% 75% 25% 10%
too much of idiot big stupid

rip universe because humanity

1% 20% 80% 2%
Unknown/randomly 0.0001% 90% 10% 0.001%

Glitch Items

These items will glitch things a lot. They increase chances of the above glitches occuring.

Item Glitchiness
Glitchonicite 1%
“space bean” 5%
Post-alphasm object in alphasm’s imagination 10%
Primordium omega 20%
Primordium omega+Primordium alpha 50%
Primordium omega+alpha+delta 120%
A piece of a softlocked or crashing verse 250%
A piece of fatal erroring verse (wait how tf would you get that without it happening to an interior verse it’s not like you can get just a piece) 1k%
Every pepperidge farm in the world. 25k% TOO MUCH POWER! Everything can withstand that for, say, dunkey kongs, but pepperidge farms are above the last loop
A smart Trump 100m% because that’s impossible

Verse Glitch Control

They can stop verse crashes and softlocks and most other types other than fatal error.