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The virtual Omniverse is the 2nd largest verse in the virtual chain. They are created from non-existing virtual particles that are created from the Xanmeverse because of the non-existing void. The life time of any virtual Archverses is 16.3 yoctosecondes, after which they then explode in chaos particles and virtual particles that create similar Archverses. Exemple: if a virtual Omniverse dies, it then creates another virtual Omniverse. Same for others Archverses.

Weird laws of physics.

If you live in a virtual Archverse, the time perception is almost null, every 0.000012 yoctoseconds feel like seconds. Anything touching a virtual Omniverse that is of a smaller size gets teleported in a parallel Universe in a virtual Archverses chain.

Virtual Omniverse can be created in a Metaverse just for having online cyber-archverses that contain a game Universe. The only difference of virtual Omniverse that is in a Metaverse, is that they have an infinite life time.

Creation of virtual Omniverses.

The virtual core, after releasing all of its energy, is splitting into 5 non-existing chaos particles and 50 non-existing virtual particles that are creating even more virtual cores. Every virtual core is a chain of virtual Archverses itself. When there is aproximately virtual Archverses, the energy released from every one of these Archverses makes a virtual Omniverse. If only 1 virtual Archverse dies, the entire Omniverse dies. It's thanks to that, as to why the life time is so small.

The creation of virtual core (virtual archverse)