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VoidSansXD is the most powerful Transcendent Omni-God that wasn't benefited with bureaucratic or administrative powers. His only weaknesses are the Reverse Uno Card, and even then it can't be used on him by non Transcendent Omni Gods, and even if they ARE Transcendent Omni Gods, it still won't really work for them as VoidSansXD always finds a way to win. The other weakness is being gnomed, an act that only BestNoobReborn can do. The rest of this article will show VoidSansXD's feats;

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  • VoidSansXD immediately destroyed The Beyond on the BU wiki.
  • VoidSansXD destroyed himself?
  • VoidSansXD immediately deleted Dunkey Kong's page.
  • After Gerald tried to obtain knowledge to defeat VoidSansXD, they died of information overload.
  • The Absolute Creator immediately died of information overload just like Gerald.
  • Other non-administrative and non-bureaucratic Transcendent Omni-Gods tried to team up and destroy VoidSansXD, but he just said "if u kil me ur mom gay" and since they tried to kill him, they turned gay and died of gay.
  • VoidSansXD outcringes Bureaucratic and Administrative Transcendent Omni-Gods by 100.

VoidSansXD vs Bureaucratic and Administrative Transcendent Omni-Gods

VoidSansXD can actually defeat the bureaucratic and administrativeTranscendent Omni-Gods, and relatively easily.

Case 1

He uses the other trick, and the bureaucratic and administrative Transcendent Omni-Gods use a Reverse Uno Card, but since VoidSansXD knows Googology and definitely no one else does, he uses Reverse Uno Card x Epsilon Nought, causing the bureaucratic and administrative Transcendent Omni-Gods to die of epsilon nought gay.

Case 2

VoidSansXD gets into a fist fight with the bureaucratic and administrative Transcendent Omni-Gods and loses because they're overweight and weak.

Case 3

VoidSansXD wins by epicly 360 noscoping the bureaucratic and administrative Transcendent Omni-Gods!!!!!!

Case 4

Case 1, but the bureaucratic and administrative Transcendent Omni-Gods know googology and use cantor's absolute infinity Reverse Uno Card, resulting in VoidSansXD immediately dying.

Case 5

VoidSansXD uses overused dead memes that are extremely cringe and results in the bureaucratic and administrative Transcendent Omni God's death by cringe.

Case 6

MinersHavenM43 and VoidSansXD try to outcringe eachother for eternity, resulting in a tie.

Case 7

BestNoobReborn infinitely gnomes VoidSansXD causing VoidSansXD to die of being gnomed. (not administrative/bureaucratic, only basic.)

Case 8

BestNoobReborn tries to infinitely gnome VoidSansXD, but VoidSansXD's cringy dead memes overwhelm the gnomes resulting in the death of the almight gnome.

Case 9

VoidSansXD somehow kills the entire microsoft company in dead memes, resulting in him gaining the ultimate Transcendent Omni-God role.

Case 10

VoidSansXD fights Ubersketch by shooting cringe projectiles at him, but Ubersketch fights back and stuns VoidSansXD with an extremely offensive insult, and Ubersketch wins.

Case 11

VoidSansXD fights Ubersketch, and Ubersketch insults VoidSansXD, so VoidSansXD retalliates by epicly hitting a dab, resulting in Ubersketch dying of pure cringe.

Case 12

The Megalo of all Omni-Destroyers tries to destroy VoidSansXD, but VoidSansXD's cringe level completely destroyed them with dead memes.

Case 13

ICantEdit and the rest of the administrative/bureaucratic Transcendent Omni-Gods ate VoidSansXD, but then VoidSansXD pulled out a Reverse Uno Card and ate them instead, resulting in the death of all of the powers greater than VoidSansXD.

Case 14

ICantEdit and the rest of the administrative Transcendent Omni-Gods stabbed VoidSansXD with The Pencil for about TREE(3) times, and VoidSansXD got stunned. Then ICantEdit drew TREE(3) Logical Terminators using The Pencil, and told them to attack VoidSansXD. VoidSansXD destroyed many of them with his cringy memes, but he eventually got knocked over, and all other transcendent omni-gods shot their most powerful weapons at VoidSansXD all at once. VoidSansXD was beaten, but just barely. Many bureaucratic and administrative Transcendent Omni-Gods died that day.

Case 15

RU66 kills himself before VoidSansXD gets close to him.

Best case scenario: Every single Transcendent Omni-God teams up to destroy me and barely win.

Case 16

VoidSansXD breaks into Unnamed2019's New Beyond Universe Wiki. Link below:

Unnamed2019, who was a Transcendent Omni-God of that wiki, replies by throwing (TREE)3 giant swords, and Void died. Unnamed2019 wins.


The main goal of VoidSansXD is to get egg and eat egg! He plans on doing this by epicly creating pages until they reach the size of a Real Egg, resulting in him being able to eat egg!

VoidSansXD vs The System: Loops

Case 1: VoidSansXD deletes the page before the page can react. The page is immediately destroyed.

Case 2: VoidSansXD hits the dab on the system, but then dies of cringe after realizing that the system isn't even sentient and he just dabbed at nothing.

Case 3: The System: Loops attacks VoidSansXD and sends him into a lower plane of reality, resulting in his inevitable loss.

Case 4: VoidSansXD eats the system for breakfast and the system is destroyed.