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Wendy, a prime example of a W.E.N.D.

For the category of all[1] W.E.N.Ds, see here.

A W.E.N.D (standing for Weakest Entity Not Destroyed) is a category of (very weak) cosmic entities. The officially recognized definition is that a cosmic entity is a W.E.N.D if it has less power than the amount required to rule over a · (not including the help of other entities or their creations). Because of this, almost all W.E.N.Ds are extremely small.


The first discovered W.E.N.D was Wendy, and soon afterward her brothers, Micropeanut, and later the Forcers. These were some of the first, and also some of the most notable W.E.N.Ds. Because documentation on W.E.N.Ds is still under high development, this section may be updated as new W.E.N.Ds are discovered.


W.E.N.Ds are sometimes just thought to be very weak entities in general, but this is not necessarily true. Another common misconception is that W.E.N.Ds always have to be smaller than ·[2]. This is also not true, although nearly all W.E.N.Ds have a power greater than or equal to their size. Entities with negative size or power are (for the most part) not W.E.N.Ds. Because the size of most small particles are neither positive nor negative, they are (usually) smaller than both.

  1. Officially recognized W.E.N.Ds.
  2. Being able to be contained by it, because · doesn't have a size.