The WIN 20181201 11 32 04 Proverse (also known as WIN2018verse) is a good verse. It has the most categories out of any verse ever. WIN 20181201 11 32 04 Proverse is ruled by Mvo1.


Mvo1 rules this verse and can add as many categories as he wants. He lives in the center of the WIN 20181201 11 32 04 Proverse. This verse has the capability of destroying 5 x 10^543 grams of verse material which is enough to completely destroy a Universe.


There are actually only three superclusters in this entire universe. The first one is called "the tree", and it is that tree that you can see in the bottom left. The second one is called "the curtain", and it is that white curtain you can see up top. The final one is the most important. It is called "Mvo1", and it is where Mvo1 is. It is the one that looks like a human face.

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