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The War of The Boxes was a conflict between The Box(es) and The Omega Omnisphere. Fought between 20X9-20XX... or 10.



The protecturs of the box started receiving various threats from another group known as "The Omega". The threats focused on threatening to go to war if they did not admit that their Omega omnisphere was the largest set ever.

So a war was started,

Wha happen?

Despicable leader of the 'omega'. Master Mario

Every single fictional and non-fictional being in existence and beyond (somehow) were alerted by the main protractor of the omniverse named Josh. He tried to settle this by saying that 'both are equally the biggest'. This did not sit well for the cruel and unusual omega, and the omniverse was destroyed...for about 1 nanosecond, we just don't remember.

So Josh set out on a journey to gather the best and brightest of heroes (and villains) to defeat this hideous threat to existence and all beyond.

Meanwhile several political parties arose because of the horrible leader of the omega.

Typical north-wing propaganda from the time. This depicting Master Mario's fierce armada.

The quest for Mary Su-I mean heroes.

Josh was deemed an outcast by many previously beloved characters, even his adoptive brotha Sonic the Hedgehog. The universe building typewriter '3rd_Cereal' was informed the only local being to stick by his side. Josh then told the it that he will look for several powerful beings to help him win this horrific war.

First he set out to a universe named: "OCverse". Josh first had to dodge globs of paint as an army of 'computer artists' attempted to recolor him. Later asking a group known as the Hero group to help him in his battle against evil. And so they joined.


First, Josh and his buddies were strolling from universe to universe, but were stopped by some asshole nemesis. They were able to take him down in less than one nanoseconds then were on their merry way.

Meanwhile on a large base within the VERY center of the omniverse, Master Mario, the leader of The Omega, announced to an army of Anti-Josh members, Necromongers, and keyblade masters that he will find this guy, and when he does, he will force him to witness the destruction of all the box. Josh and his posse were travelling through many dimensions, stopping by ever major location he could find: New York, Detroit, Springfield, Arlen, Hyrule Kingdom, Canopy Kingdom, Beach City, Free Country USA, Helion Prime, the Death Star, Seattle NJ, CWCville, Quahog, Los Santos, and many other wondrous locations.

Josh asked the inhabitants of these worlds to help him on his quest to save The Box. Many of them instantly had no idea what the fuck was he talking about and with their various copyrighted abilities fought through with Josh and his buds, and apologizing for deeming him an outcast earlier.

Soon they all made their way into the center of omniverse, where they came face-to-face with Master Mario himself. They fought his army he suddenly summoned and Josh himself saw the keyblade masters. Josh convinced them with his speech about life and frendship and the omniverse to help him against The Omega.

While Somewhere out there by Our Lady Peace was playing, Josh heroically fought Master Mario himself. At the finale part of the battle it seemed that the dreaded master was going to defeat Josh. However Josh was reawakened by 3rd_Cereal with the power of repeated typing. So Josh punched the Master right in the FACE! and with his final werds uttered: 'I will never be a woman-er-human' and obliterated into nothing.

The Anti-Josh and the Necromongers bowed down to Josh as their new ruler.


The Omega admitted to Josh that The Box was truly the biggest set of them all. Josh then prepared to return all his allies to their former worlds, however at that moment a large bright light filled the area. The blue light revealed to be Josh's first ever ally...Doctor Manhattan.

Josh gazed upon his massive blue penis as he walked toward him. He then thanked Josh for his help and Josh told everybody announced loudly that they will all be the protectors of The Box. Afterwards everybody was sick of this shit and went back to their respective universe's.

Josh then went back to being human...for now.