The Wekaverse is an 11+10 dimensional infinite set of Xennaverses. The potential glitchiness here now goes beyond strings. Coordinates (including time) are now inconsistent, meaning that things can go in random directions at the speed of 0.01 ly per second (usually). This even applies to leptons and nueclons, making them collide into each other a lot. As a result, this verse has 1 googolplex times the atomic explosions.

Really thick Metabubbles have to be used pretty much everywhere in order to prevent atoms from exploding, which very few atoms here have.

Life is pretty much non-existent, as everything blows up constantly. Multiple attempts have been made to stabilize this verse, but all they did was make the Wekaverse even more glitchy. Most of the life here that does survive is native to a Metaverse; Metaversians appear to be immune to microscopic things.


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