Wendy (standing for Weakest Entity Not Destroyed (Yellow)) is currently the weakest entity known that has not yet been destroyed[1]. She is extremely small (smaller than a Blueprint Particle), and has 2 brothers: Wendr (Weakest Entity Not Destroyed (Red)) and Wendb (Weakest Entity Not Destroyed (Blue)). They are all W.E.N.Ds, or Weakest Entities Not Destroyed.

Wendy was the first of these W.E.N.Ds to be discovered.

Dangers to Wendy

Anything made with Blueprint Particles and Blueprint Particles themselves are dangerous and deadly to Wendy (this includes photons), so taking photos of Wendy proved to be difficult. Even is extremely dangerous and acts like antimatter to Wendy, and math has shown that the resulting reaction would be visible to the human eye.

Powers of Wendy

Because of this, Wendy has a means of self-defense from these particles. She says she has a 'particle forcefield' which can rebound particles, although it takes 'a lot of effort'. She is currently trying to make an easier way to do this. She also knows many languages and has a lot of conversations with her brothers.

Wendy's House

Wendy has a house that she lives in that is located within The Final Void. It is currently unknown what it is composed of due to its size. However, it is known that Wendy uses her house to rebound particles, although repairs have to be made near constantly.

Wendr and Wendb

Around every 0.5 OYC (it depends because of scheduling) Wendr and Wendb visit Wendy. They both are older (amount unknown) than Wendy, and they will not disclose the location of their house[2].


Wendr is the eldest of the three siblings and is also the fastest. He practices particle rebounding professionally and even rebounded a Protoverse once, but it took 3 days. He also enjoys pool and rock, paper, scissors. Calls Wendy ‘De’ most of the time and Wendb ‘Dub’ most of the time.


Wendb is the middle sibling and researches languages of cosmic entities. He is known for knowing over 2,000 unique languages, including wakabewafow and Puffish. He is very private about things, so we don’t know much about him.

  1. At the time of her discovery.
  2. We do know that they have a house that isn’t Wendy’s.
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