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The White Ring is the 10th Ring in the Ring series. It scores a White on the Kardashev scale. At the current moment, it is being controlled and policed by the White Ring Alliance.

The White Ring tastes of white rice and smells of white spray paint cans.

The Guardian of the White Ring's job is to maintain order and peace in the lower rings. A special division of the White Ring Alliance, the WR-PK, are tasked with assisting their Guardian when needed. Their main enemy at the moment is the Cyan Ring Institution, the most violent of them. Attempts to police the higher rings have been attempted, with abysmal results. The White Ring Alliance is believed to be allied with the Pink Ring Corporation, but there is no conclusive evidence of this.

Complete annihilation of all Cyan Rings has been suggested, but the White Ring Alliance refuses to take such drastic measures.

The White Ring's stability has been contested by others, who claim to have seen it ejecting Pink Rings. These claims have been disproved by both the White Ring Alliance and the Pink Ring Corporation, who have shown that these Pink Rings are actually being ejected by the Cyan Rings.

The White Ring is believed to be the last of the stable rings, although the Final Ring could possibly be stable. Similarly to the Cyan and Pink Rings, the White Ring has it's own self-regenerating resources.

Note: Do not attempt to draw a giant face in the White Ring. Your writing utensils will fly straight into your eyes.

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