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The X-ring is the 14th Ring in the Ring Series. It scores a X-Ray in the Kardashev Scale. It is the second ring not named by a color. It is not run by any organization, although some have attempted to run it.

The X-Ring is hyper unstable. Due to this, it has no taste or smell.

The Guardian of the X-Ring is very hostile, and shows mercy only to those he believes are worthy of continuing their life. It shows no mercy at all to any member of the Union of Rings. It can revive itself if it dies (how many times it can do this is still unknown), and can revive other beings as well (which it rarely does).

The X-Ring is not run by any organization, although some have attempted. This is because of the tremendous hostility of the Guardian. It is displeased 99.995% of the time.

The X-Ring is much more unstable than the Gamma Ring. Every 5 days, 250 to 750 million Gamma Rings are ejected (2.5 to 7.5 billion in the outer sections).

War is constant in the X-Ring, with there being at least 10 major wars at any given time.

Despite having no real leadership, the community of the X-Ring is still apart of the Federation of Rings, and many volunteers go out and fight for them.

Note: Do not attempt to eject the X-Ring out of your vehicle. You will be hit by falling space debris within 1.43 minutes.

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