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XYZeed's chain is a series of verses which often have anomalous properties or are just plain weird. The reason for their existence is unknown but they are quite fascinating. Below is a table going over all verses in XYZeed's chain.

Number Name Size (ly) Dimensions Properties Image
1 Monoverse 22 sextillion 9 Contains a megaverse
2 Duverse 1.17 octillion 10 Contains a monoverse
3 Triverse 6.4 decillion 11 Light is completely inverted
4 Tetraverse 19 decillion 12 Only "slightly" larger than the triverse
5 Pentaverse 2.5 tredecillion 13 Contains various static patches of light
6 Hexaverse 26 quindecillion 14 Contains hundreds of walls known as "celestial walls" which are believed to be composed of universes. A new celestial wall is added approximately every 802 OYC
7 Heptaverse 81 septendecillion 15 Contains many hexaverses which align nicely into a perfect triangular grid
8 Octoverse 5.9 vigintillion 16 Light does not exist at all in this verse and nothing is visible No image available (light doesn't exist)
9 Nonaverse 7 quattuorviginitillion 17 The nonaverse is known for containing gigantic (1.5-2.5 ly in size) creatures who have been described as "absolutely horrifying". They have been collectively named fricotherium, which means horror beast No image available (all images taken deemed too unsettling)
10 Decaverse 14 octovigintillion 18 The decaverse is extremely chaotic as random entities and objects are teleported here every microsecond or so. Things seen within the decaverse include but are not limited to cows, extraterrestrial life, tables, erasers, books and other objects that could not be described properly
11 Hendecaverse 3.3 tretrigintillion 19 Only contains the decaverse and nothing else. Similar to the first few verses of the chain.
12 Dodecaverse 544 octotrigintillion 20 Contains the hendecaverse, while also producing hendecaverses which form on its outside, eventually splitting off
13 Tridecaverse 108 quinquadragintillion 21 Appears to have massive colorful "nebulas" which are actually just masses of hendecaverses ejected by the dodecaverse at its center
14 Tetradecaverse 6.6 quinquagintillion 22 The tridecaverses inside of it move so fast that they appear eliptical. They travel in random directions but never collide due to a strange force within the tetradecaverse.