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Xenontryptophyl is the super-planet created by FireWater,The name came from the mix of the name for the element "Xenon" (54) and the chemical of "Tryptophyl-Leucine."


FireWater and the Entity battle between each other for the third time, and FireWater was corrupted by the Entity. After his corruption had ended, he went on to make his own life. He escaped from his universe into the multiverse, He dedicated his time spending millions of years crafting a planet for his own, his own planet to use as his sandbox. He went on to find his own resources to craft the planet of his own. He then created Xenontryptophyl with all that he had gathered.

Near destruction

Xenontryptophyl had started at the same size as the Milky Way, but other planets from other creators had almost destroyed his planet.

Near destruction I

The new mini-planet has been finally completed. However, Flarius was running short on power, so FireWater needed to leave to help Flarius. A planet larger that it was on track to colliding with it, which is thought to have been created by the Entity. One day is left until this planet collides with his. FireWater noticed this on the last day, and brought in his most powerful and best friend to help them. His friend used telekinesis to move the planet without destroying it.


After this almost destroyed Xenontryptophyl, FireWater then went on to increase the size and mass of the planet. He wanted to assure that nothing nearby could destroy it. He than spent a hundred million more years creating a super-planet that would require intense force to destroy. The planet would then be made to be a near-unfathomable about times larger than the Milky Way. Other planets, asteroids, stars and other material would grow the size of the super-planet further. In case The Entity returns, FireWater is training here. If The Entity invades, FireWater will hold long enough for him to move Xenontrytophyl a few trillion lightyears away without harming the elementals.