The Xenoverse contains multiple Metaverse's which forms cyberspace type Universe or Multi-Universes which a Single Xenoverse is a cyberspace version of a Multiverse and a collection of Xenoverses are Multiple Multiverses. It is also where the internet goes after data is being lost. Its size can be up to $ 10^{1000^{1001}} $ light years.

In Short...

The Xenoverse is a 6-dimensional virtual-reality space that is the set of an incredibly large number of metaverses. When data is lost on the Internet or the Metaverse, it ends up in The Xenoverse.


  • Xenoverse is also a term which means "Alien" or "Foreign" [1] which can be dubbed "Alien Universe" and or "Foreign Universe" as this is when cyberspace holds untold data/locations.
  • Xenoverse just like Hyperverse are terms derived from Metaverse which all 3 have to do with cyberspace. See Balloons and all of those is in the Xenoverse.
  • When you delete your data it ends up here.
  • Xenoverses are very useful for keeping fragile things from breaking, used in the Frickckckckcckkckkcckckckckckverse and the Glassverse.


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