A Xeyon is a particle within and ·, as well as some other objects, that mainly helps to maintain the structure and forces of those particles.

This is because ·'s negation/paradox properties and ⬤'s definition properties are not enough to define an object alone. Something is needed to tell what is being defined (as opposed to the definition being placed there), as well as to compose forces (mainly for turning ·s into ⬤s), etc. In this case, "something" is the Xeyon.

They also serve many more "utility" features, which the The Forcers have likely exploited in order to construct their varying types of forcefields. The Salesman denies this and says that’s only part of the process, meaning that Xeyons are used at some point in the forcefield-making process.


A Xeyon contains many Microges, "human"-like organisms that can project their thinking onto the Xiverse. Their collective thoughts will form a single utility feature that the Xeyon will use.

However, Microges aren't the most reliable method (due to the "human" factor causing occasional "screw-ups"). This causes some weak organisms to instead resort to constructing their own Xeyons, or to find ways to control the Microges within.


If the thoughts of the Microges in a Xeyon conflict, then the Xeyon will form "wave forces" that move in between the paths of the conflicting forces. These waves "ignore" other forces, leading to their usage as a strong barrier used in a variety of verses and vaults.

Other usage

Xeyons are found in most instances of Lawium, in order to cling onto verses, as well as to define the law surfaces/structures of a verse. This can be used to form many verses (even in some cases, naturally), given that they are contained within Loosening (as Loosening is where laws and cosmology starts to break down).

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