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Y H JF /wuhuɟaf/ is the language used by The Primordial and THE 8 DIVINE GODS, A few languages spitted off from it such as Puffish, Yuhuvaf, and a few others. It is a language with Extreme simplicity, only 20 words, the language is only able to express the bare minimum concepts, without any detail as to what those concepts are. The symbols and phonemes represented in the below image are not literally the sound they represent, as this is a language spoken by gods and uses different means to communicate. All of the human phonemes showed below are symbols assigned to those words.


Y H JF with symbols.png


Because this language has no form of anything that could resemble vowels, for it to be easily pronounced by humans, an abjad must be created for this language. a capital C represents a consonant, and the 3 vowels in this abjad will be /a/, /i/ and /u/


Lone symbols: Cu

Double combinations of words: CaC

Triple combinations and beyond: CiCaC, CiCiCaC