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The Yellow Ring is the 4th in the Ring series, containing the Green Ring. It is 250 times the size of the Green Ring, and is known to be slightly unstable. The Yellow Ring is worshipped by the followers of the Yellow Ring Church. It ranks a Yellow on the Kardashev Scale.

The Yellow Ring is known to have the taste of lemons and the scent of yellow colored pencils. It is much more circular than its predecessor. The Yellow Ring is where most reasonable people expect the Ring series to end. They are, of course, incorrect.

Like every ring, the Yellow Ring contains its own guardian at its center. It is known to be stronger than the Guardians of the previous 3 rings. The Guardian of the Yellow Ring and the Yellow Ring Church have previously attempted to make peace with the Blue Ring Fellowship, which failed.

The Yellow Ring, as mentioned previously, is slightly unstable. Approximately once every 2,280 years, it ejects 1 to 5 Green Rings into the depths of...well, space doesn't really work for this anymore, now does it? We've long exceeded that.

The Yellow Ring, previously being the largest of the rings, used to be a very popular tourist destination. Due the creation of the Orange Ring (which follows The Double Existence), this has since changed.

Note: Do not attempt to walk around the entirety of the Yellow Ring. After taking approximately 72.87 steps, your feet will fall off.

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