The yottaverse is an 11+8 dimensional set of Zettaverses.

It is in a strange place in the hierarchy, containing a verse with extremely broken strings, leading to Metabubble clipping, and is contained by a verse that constantly is corrupting its own Metabubble.

That can lead to complications.

The Yottaverse is special, being the only verse to be partially contained in 2 separate Metabubbles. That has led to many accidents involving clipping out of reality, and has also made the Yottaverse quite unstable, with frequently fluctuating shape, size, and even dimensions.

Many wars have been fought over this issue as well. One of the most famous ones was the Ghyuf' iq War, involving many civilizations. The results were not pretty. Many civilizations were destroyed completely, and the verse just became even more unstable. In fact, "Ghyuf' iq" means 'terrible' in the language of a powerful civilization in the Yottaverse.

The Beta Version Of The Yottaverse

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