The Doingyourmomverse is a verse that contains every possible variant of your mother at any point in time. As a result, it is 11 dimensional, and ginormous. The universe has three states.

  1. The first state is when the universe is shaped like a small cube. This has only happened once; before moms even existed. It is likely to have stopped existing immediately after The First Boom.
  2. The second state is the current state, aka looking like the absolute mean of all variants of your mother at once, but upscaled by an uncountably infinite amount in size. This is the state the verse is likely to be in for the rest of time. This is the most unstable state of the verse.
  3. This third state is completely hypothetical, but it is likely to happen when all variations of moms die out (including the immortal ones). It is likely to be in a shape similar to the first state, but upscaled in size and dimensionality by Ω. However, since there are no mothers left, the cube won't even move anymore, and is likely to become the most stable verse in existence.


The Doingyourmomverse has existed for an unknown amount of time, since there have always been moms. However, it is likely that it has existed since The First Boom, aka the first ever big bang. This verse has been growing ever since. At first, this verse only had every 4D counterpart of your mother, aka your mother in every point of time. Now it is 11 dimensional, at least. As a result, this verse is technically Omnipresent, as it exists in every point of time, space, etc. This does NOT mean it is the biggest verse.

Interesting Variations of Your Mother

There have been more and more variations of your mother throughout the past few years. Here's some of the most common and interesting ones.

The Batmother

The Batmother takes up around 0.002% of the mom population. All forms of batmothers can fly, and their diet consists of either purely fruits or other mothers. They usually gain a combatal advantage via consumption of fruit, ranging from slightly faster flying speed to nigh-omnipotence (extremely rare). They usually live in caves, and don't usually attack unless absolutely necessary.

The Normal Mother

The normal mother isn't special at all. It is the most common type of mother, taking up more than an entire 1.428% of the mom population. They are typically of normal intellect, but some normal mother's have an absurdly high IQ, due to probability in parallel universes varying heavily. All normal mothers live in a typical environment, some being unlucky and living in less quality environments. Around a third of these mothers are of higher than average weight (of their specific universe).

The Cosmic Mother

The Cosmic Mother is the rarest form of mother, only having around 13 samples of them that have been counted as of now. Their power ranges from Galactic to being able to destroy Class 7 Verses like So. The most powerful cosmic mother, Majis, is able to destroy up to The Never-Ending Void of Darkness, and even able to manipulate some of the very low class 8 verses, up to The Honeycomb. Each cosmic mother has a cosmic child, some of them being more powerful than the cosmic mother themselves. For example, one of the much weaker cosmic moms, Klipto, is only able to control up to low class 2 verses, but had a child; The Multi Omega]], who is much more powerful than her in every way.

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