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Yurguishnaught is a moderately small verse, due to the fact that it’s existence bends reality around it, crushing it to dwarf the other verses. Cast far away from other verses, no being other than the most powerful of Omni-Gods can enter it or exit it. Though unable to contain water, Yurguishnaught still houses atrocious beasts such as the Serpentrifaric (had to change the name because it was a font), a snake/fish/dragon hybrid, and the ruler of the verse. Hidreduns are hyenas with 16 legs and 3 heads. They attack anything they see, including Omni-Gods that enter, who will possibly meet an unfortunate end. The only other being on the verse is a sheep that can basically turn itself inside out. This is a defense mechanism against the Hidreduns, but Serpentrifaric is unaffected and will still destroy it.


This verse was created when reality twisted into a violent, chaotic form. The life on this verse appeared when the barrier that keeps beings outside the verse was just forming. A red triangular prism stabbed into the ground, at the force of 900,000,000 newtons, splintering the shape. From the wreckage came the first Serpentrifaric, which grew to full size within the following fortnight. The other life also came from the triangle, but a while later.


The only event that happened in this verse was the Roar of Serpents. As the first Serpentrifaric died, it convulsed in shudders of agony, roaring and bellowing loudly. It could barely be heard, but all the other verses in our Multiverse heard. No noted verses have taken action to that roar, but from the corpse, a second Serpentrifaric dug itself out.