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Zedohkay (설東京) is a verse like intensity resolved from The Structure by a group of investigators who are currently studying it


Picture a community. Now infuse them with individualism so that they cut ties with each other and are now all by themselves. Now give them self help books, rideshare, uber, airbnb as things like welfare, public transport, churches, community centers, parks etc. are cut from the development of the city. Next remove their leisure time, put them into zero hour contracts and make them job hunt for life and casual work for life, wages that are 50% of the current inflation rate. Next remove all colors from the interior of every modular residential unit. Then, cut them from nature cut them from feeling encouraged by themselves. Now, cut off all electromagnetism, all proteins, all organs, all atoms, all subatomic particles, all quantum fields, all the way down toheck. Finally, with this infinite gunky mess you now have here, put them all to work in the society for the city's micronation interest.

Congratulations, you have now created a 1984 eldritch dystopian terror that is simultaneously our real world where not only people are alienated from each other, alienated from themselves, but it does not stop there, every organ, every cell, every molecule, every atom, every particle, every quantum, ... every heck... are all alienated mutually from each other. You have now broken a soul, so broken that it is deconstructed, never to be reassembled again. Welcome to the reality of our unjust sociopolitical global world where there is no freedom and prosperity.


Zedohkay is basically, an intensely dividing thing such that anything that is unfortunate enough to wander into it will be recursively and indefinitely fragmented, and with each fragment will be hypercoerced into some unknown common goal with no interaction between each other, thus maximal alienation for some vague "unified interest". It is the embodiment of absolute divisive unity, and the counterexample that unity must be harmonous and good.

Just like it is currently unclear what The Structure's purpose is, it is also unclear what is Zedohkay's role. Some theorised however that the Thanos snap disintegration plus absolute coercive properties of Zedohkay will mean if this thing is actually some kind of weapon, whatever target being struck by it will suffer a fate worse than a Box load of beyond death.

It is said that looking at a Zedohkay directly is described to be worse than a pile of worm like horror. Many investigators end up feeling ill just by looking at them.

One of these Zedohkays has the number "6" in them. It's significance is unknown. The number later disappeared for no reason, as if it is never ever there and the relevant Zedohkay returns to its quiet state.

Some time later, another Zedohkay is seen with the symbol "ft". It is currently unclear what that means. Just as quickly, the symbol disappears as if it never exists.

Yet some time later, a Zedohkay have gain something that is best described as "a churning". It is currently unclear what that means yet. Suddenly this Zedohkay glow with a bright light, and then vanished from view, leaving behind a void that looks of a dread beyond dread.

Grand Zedohkay

Grand Zedohkay n3 005, enclosed in two protective bubbles to minimise external contact

On /#2data losssdkjeddg/, a new form of Zedohkay appeared, which is more complex, more disgusting and more intimidating. It is suspected that this "Grand Zedohkay" is like at least 3 times as disgusting compared to a normal Zedohkay, suggesting it is internally dividing so much that it can be said there are Zedohkays within Zedohkays, whatever that means. The Grand Zedohkay is protected by two bubbles which prevent it to come into contact with any external things. It is currently unknown what their purpose are, and they vanished just as quick as they are just being investigated.