The Zettaverse is an 11+7 dimensional infinite set of Exaverses. At this point, strings are so moldable that they naturally change dimension, and can willingly make parts of them dissapear or spawn parts of strings out of nowhere. As a result of this, Zettaversans have no trouble escaping the Zettaverse into the Yottaverse.

Another use of the extremely broken strings is to clip into the Metabubble. This will allow easy travel up and down structure-wise, meaning that Zettaversians have no trouble getting a little bit beyond the Hoolaverse. However, once there, you will end up trapped in the extremely thick Metabubbles. There is barely any  Glitchconcite in the Zettaverse; strings are too broken for that. This means that if you want to go back to the Zettaverse, you need to make some kind of trade with the Gigaversians. This is tricky, since they are tiny; you are structure-wise beyond the Hoolaverse, but if you carried Sentient Substance on your journey, then this should be no trouble if you know how to use Glitchconcite to minuplate them.

Some Zettaversians forget the important step of bringing the Sentient Substance, so they get stuck in the Hoolaverse with no way of returning back.

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