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ZOID - The Living Planet

Zoid, derived from Zoy-Idd (Living-Planet) in Puffish is a planet aproximately 0.5x the size of earth, is actually living and conscious due to its presence of Primordium Delta in its core (likely due to it being within the Primordialverse), which is known to have some level of consciousness by itself. This planet also happens to be the origin of the language and alphabet Puffish and Puff-Glyph. The 3 main lifeforms on this sentient planet are mostly comprised of Primordium Alpha, (making them all white in colour) with Primordium Sigma membranes and a nucleus / brain made of Primordium Delta.


Puffball (Zii-bal - Light-Young)

These simple creatures have a small circular body, three flippers, Big round eyes and a small mouth, and live in packs alongside Pufftals. Like their other kind, the presence of Primordium Alpha makes them a very pure creature. About a year after it is born, it will wrap itself in a cocoon and undergo a metamorphosis for 4 months and transform into a Pufftal.

Pufftal (Zii-tal - Light-Elder)

Much longer and snake-like than its previous form, it now has a much wider mouth and smaller eyes, now with 9 flippers instead of three (1 at the end, 4 on each side). 8 years of maturing later, it will leave its pack and be able to make eggs of its own which grow into puffballs. It now has a long life ahead of it, able to live to 75 on average, and will start decaying by then.

Puffian (Zii-ii-an - Light-body-smart)

Extremely intelligent creatures which decide not to craft technology, and only rarely build huts, temples and other buildings when necessary. They look oddly like stick figures. In their first 3 years, their eyes aren't fully developed and need time to properly grow. By age 13, they will grow no more and learn to control magic due to their great intellect, they are also taught to be able to see souls by this age. They, also around 75 years of age will decay. They are common worshippers of The Primordial, and their planet Zoid, and will build temples devoted to them. A very odd phenomena is the fact that these creatures have no way of reproducing, despite their numbers. This has been determined to be the cause of Puffgas, the god of light, which is also the creator of the 3 main species on the planet, instead of having Puffians reproduce, Puffgas creates them at a constant rate.

Other facts

This planet has no sun, or rotation, but rather uses its Primordium Delta core to heat and light the planet, meaning no days or years, which is not neccesary for Puffballs of Pufftals, but Puffians however might need it as humans do, so they have a MUCH better body clock than we do, and one that is un-interruptable by any lack of light (not that they face that predicament much anyway).

Puffball-Pufftal and Puffian growth 2.png