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Zyorons are a Xiversal-kind particle, which build up metadata for Omnipockets, in which contains assemblies, properties, and code. (regardless of positivity / negativity)

Zyorons compute metadata from metabits, a non-positive property that is complexly indescribable. We don't know metabits are negative, but we know that metabits are independent.


Zyorons come with 3 rings around one, each with unique features:

  • The first ring takes propertial charge, using it for following rings.
  • The second ring computes kinds of propertial charge.
  • The final ring computes properties by charge. Those rings have an octahedral structure, but are rounded into a sphere.

Zyorons also come with a pole on one, which rotates gradually to the momentum of a Zyoron. Rings work differently if the pole rotates around it. The third ring could produce positive properties, negative properties, or properties in another direction, by rotating a pole.


Metabits are initially normal numbers, which are then mapped into a infinite set by process. They are the main language for assemblies, codes, and properties. How those numbers were mapped is complexly indescribable.

Assembly and Code

A group of fully-formed Zyorons is enough to build a infinite-size assembly, which is a language of other Zyorons for properties.

Other groups should become codes for that language instead, because no assembly should work with other assemblies, as it cause a chaotic explosion.

All number-based systems are built on assemblies/codes at Zyorons-level. That's why Zyorons are the code of Omnipockets, and are also lower than Voidonion.


Other Zyorons should generate 1 PoJ, which is enough to define 1 property, regardless of negative properties.

Just one property could make infinite properties, making it major. No arrangements should be different, or else they fail to compute properties properly.

Relations to Rings

If it is perpendicular to a ring, then that ring doesn’t work at all. If it revolves around a ring really fast, then that ring computes "imaginary" properties.

Zyorons with opposing poles cancel out, which produces 0 PoJ, and 0 working properties, and Zyorons with poles of different directions could produce paradoxical properties.


Zyorons are self-mergeable. Merging 2 completed Zyorons produces another Zyoron, but all kinds are combined. Zyorons are also self-splittable. They just split into smaller Zyorons with lower kinds of charges.

If 2 primordial Zyorons merge together, and then are perpendicularly pressed by another 2 at opposing directions, then it merges into the next phase. There are 3 phases, each with different amounts of rings. The first phase is just a Xiversal particle, the second phase only has the first ring, and the final phase makes it complete.

Therefore, they are the code of normal properties, just by merging from negative properties.


Because Zyorons compute properties from a universal negative property, it computes size, and even the negative properties of sizes, and number-based systems of sizes.

Let's define NPSS (negative property size standard), as a minimum size with all negative properties, that were computed by Zyorons. Described from "Computation" section, Zyorons are smaller than NPSS.

Minor Stuff


Zyorons are a subspecies of Microges, and also a cell that builds Microges. Self-replication is possible, when one has too many charges of 1 kind. This means Zyorons can share propertial charge to other Zyorons, by emitting.


  • Groups of identical Zyorons -> Microge
  • Groups of different Zyorons -> Paradoxical properties
  • Pairs of Zyorons, each with opposing poles + 1 Zyoron, holding a negative property -> Anti-Concept


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  • There are 8 possible names for naming Zyoron. The first 4 names are: Yikon, Yorbzon, Yorbon, and Zyoron. The other 4 are just the same, but “micro-” added at the beginning. (Microzyoron for example)
    • The name has been randomly determined when this particle was mirgated into All Dimensions Wiki.


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